Learning Programmes

The vision for young people to be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners underpins all learning programmes at AV头条.聽 The principles, values and beliefs, and key competencies outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum are foundational to curriculum design and review.

Our local curriculum design builds on the strengths, and meets the aspirations, of our learners, our learners鈥 families and wh膩nau, through:

  • Meeting expectations for Reading, Writing and Mathematics
  • Integration of learning areas
  • Deep, connected, meaningful learning
  • Student assessment capability
  • Increased student voice
  • Key competencies
  • Values
  • Digital Technologies

What we believe:

  • Students need teaching and learning that connects to their prior learning and personal experiences聽
  • Students learn best when they know what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they are able to use their new learning
  • All students can progress and achieve, and that students learn at different rates
  • Regular feedback and feedforward is critical in the learning process聽
  • Digital technologies better enable communication, and the access and manipulation of materials聽
  • Students should understand how to be safe and responsible when using, designing and creating technologies
  • The Arts engage students in ways that complement academic programmes聽
  • Deep learning competencies include citizenship, character, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication
  • Students learn best when parents, wh膩nau and teachers work together to focus on learning