ERO Report

AV头条 was reviewed by the Education Review Office in 2017. The report shows the high commitment AV头条 has to student achievement and well-being.

“The school has many effective strategies in place for supporting students to achieve equitable and excellent outcomes. Overall, most students achieve well in reading, writing and mathematics. School data show a positive upward trend in student achievement, with increasing numbers of students achieving as they move through the school.”

“Highly effective school leadership has a significant impact on student outcomes. Leaders have developed organisational structures, processes and practices that enable and sustain collaborative learning. The school motto ‘Nga tui he waiata’ is well lived. Leaders actively seek out the perspectives of students and parents/whanau, and use their input to inform the school’s strategic direction and curriculum development.”

to read an ERO exemplar published recently. The report descibes rich curriculum inquiries at AV头条.